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Need to use IoT capabilities for your hardware product? Having experts with over 25 years of experience in embedded software development, Accentiko can help you find a powerful and effective solution.




IoT has changed how consumers perceive software products and shaped new requirements for the manufacturers of controllers, home appliances, wearables, and other devices. Modern hardware cannot exist without embedded software that ensures its operation and supports the IoT functionality. Consumers now expect Bluetooth, BLE, Wi-Fi, and other wireless capabilities from industrial equipment and the most basic home appliances. Smart devices have won the market and found their place in modern homes. This leaves tech companies with no choice but to adapt their product expanding their IoT capabilities.

Thus, any hardware producer needs a reliable software development partner with sufficient expertise in IoT embedded systems, Linux, C/C++, and various software development tools. Accentiko delivers outsourcing services for embedded solutions to assist such manufacturers in producing innovative smart devices and equipment.

Today, IoT covers most domains, from automotive giants to healthcare providers and home automation. Although there are no customer size limitations, small and medium enterprises or startups usually request outsourcing of embedded software development. They often entrust their embedded systems to a third-party software development team to cut expenditures and increase the efficiency of the product. This way, outsourcing IoT solutions allows them to benefit from the expertise of a dedicated tech team without the need to hire internal staff.



Once an embedded system is developed, it requires constant professional support and maintenance. For a hardware manufacturer, it may be difficult to master a Linux or RTOS system and the underlying embedded technology, including C/C++, to ensure the flawless operation of its products. Accentiko’s team is ready to handle these tasks for Linux-based embedded solutions or any other embedded software.


It may happen that your current embedded software needs considerable improvements or doesn’t allow you to draw the maximum benefit from your hardware. Accentiko continuously conducts rigorous checks of the critical software it develops and can start managing your existing project to rehabilitate it. After the bug-fixing stage, you can continue with software maintenance or rely on considerable Accentiko’s expertise to develop new advanced functionality.


Critical software development is a complex process consisting of numerous R&D stages and procedures. Large enterprises, SMEs, and startups may have different goals and needs depending on their domain and budget. Based on this, Accentiko offers a broad range of services that cover the entire process of embedded software development, implementation, and integration. Accentiko’s team has gathered leading IoT experts that power their R&D skills with advanced software development tools to provide a top-notch software development experience. Accentiko’s team is ready to become your backup during the following embedded software development stages:

If you have come up with an idea that requires some validation, Accentiko can provide you with R&D services. The company will research your business needs to offer a Linux-based or other suitable solution that will be further developed into a minimum viable product. You will get to test how end consumers respond to your hardware and detect what elements need improvement.


After the MVP is developed, embedded system hardware must go through the prototype creation stage. Accentiko provides QA and development services to eliminate any flaws that could have appeared during the software development process. A prototype is necessary to evaluate the future operation of the product, no matter whether you produce industrial controllers, wearable devices, or home appliances.


When the IoT-embedded software is perfected, Accentiko assists the manufacturer with the software development-related tasks while producing a golden sample. Industrial and automotive embedded software is a demanding field with numerous standards and limitations, so relying on an experienced software development provider is crucial.



  • Embedded solutions perform one clear task. From the beginning, a software development team creates functionality to support the primary goal of the hardware. This ensures seamless physical device integration with embedded software required for high-quality hardware and controllers.

  • Since the number of operations performed by embedded software is limited, it doesn’t require continuous updates or hardware changes. Embedded systems are also less prone to errors or crashes.

  • Embedded software is the only solution for those planning to manufacture an IoT device that will operate in harsh conditions. The development of such critical software must include an R&D stage when all the functionality is adapted to withstand the future working environment.

  • Embedded software is not only about performing the basic functions of controllers, but also about improving hardware to make it more effective, convenient, and durable. Focusing on a single task allows you to adapt the hardware reducing the system load and improving its speed and performance.

  • Hardware specification requirements become much simpler due to the use of embedded software. Such devices don’t require frequent updates, take less space, and save energy. And the growing demand for ‘smart’ products means your end-customers will consider the embedded component as an important differentiator and will be more likely to choose your product over your competitors.

  • If you need to slightly modify hardware, a software development team can easily adapt the existing embedded software to meet your new needs. They can also assist with R&D validation to define whether the offered changes are necessary.

The listed benefits of wireless embedded software prove its effectiveness for advanced hardware solutions, controllers, and smart devices. At Accentiko, we can develop optimum critical software based on the characteristics of the hardware you already have or will manufacture. Accentiko’s team also provides various other software development and R&D services to maintain, support, or integrate embedded software.




Having several decades of experience in critical software development for industrial giants and startups, Accentiko can promptly solve any tech problem. The developed IoT products, industrial embedded software, smart home appliances, and controllers mostly based on BLE/Bluetooth technology and Linux OS will meet the business goals of the most demanding customers.


Accentiko has developed embedded software for various domains, including microcontrollers, consumer electronics, and wireless wearables. Accentiko’s experts know how to create IoT solutions for healthcare, security, finance, hi-tech, industrial production, home automation, and automotive embedded systems.


Choosing software development tools for Bluetooth/BLE and other wireless solutions, Accentiko relies on best industry practices and leading embedded technology trends. Accentiko’s team unites experienced tech professionals with C/C++ proficiency and Linux expertise to provide high-quality software development services.


Industrial and Bluetooth/BLE wireless software is highly regulated and standardized. Accentiko always follows quality and security specifications provided by hardware manufacturers to meet international standards, including Misra, ISO, and IEEE. The company regularly implements R&D practices to ensure the ultimate safety of end users.


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