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With over 150 applications successfully delivered within the last 5 years, Accentiko's mobile app developers will help you go mobile in the fastest and most efficient way.





The growing number of mobile users dictates the business rules for everyone, from a tiny startup to a large enterprise. Slowly but surely turning into a thing of the past, desktop solutions give way to mobility. Consumers want to solve all their daily tasks on the go with convenient and user-friendly mobile applications. They expect such solutions to be fast, smart, and secure. Mobile application – or lack of one – can be the decisive factor for the client’s decision to use your services. If your company fails to provide a high-performance mobile app, whereas your competitors offer mobility, you will lose many customers.

Modern mobile solutions must also incorporate the best software development practices and assets. In this respect, professional mobile app development and management services are the only right choice. Accentiko is always ready to have your back covered. Providing end-to-end mobile app development, we help companies to bring value to consumers, increase market coverage, and improve their customer experience. Going mobile is easy once you find a tech partner your company can rely on.



If you have an idea and want to design a custom app, Accentiko is ready to cover the whole development lifecycle. We will review your requirements, offer the most suitable and cost-effective platform, and perform all development management tasks. You will get an MVP or prototype to put your logo on and use for marketing or testing purposes. Afterward, when the prototype is approved, Accentiko will move to the development stage to design a full-fledged native, cross-platform, or hybrid app.


Every application design goes through end-user evaluation. At this stage, it may turn out that you need to add new functions, strengthen security, or implement measures to improve performance. If your company has released an application but cannot support its functioning, Accentiko is ready to assist you. Our mobile app development team can ensure the seamless work of your mobile solutions with regular updates.


If your company has cooperated with developers who failed to design a reliable, high-quality application, Accentiko can save the situation. Accentiko’s mobile app developers will promptly analyze your digital product, detect bugs, and fix everything. Also, we can rewrite the legacy code if you want to migrate your application to a more advanced platform.


Accentiko can provide custom management and support services for existing applications and mobile solutions we design from scratch. Get continuous professional assistance with your native Android or IOS apps, cross-platform, and hybrid solutions. Thanks to substantial expertise in Java, Kotlin, Swift, React Native, Xamarin, Ionic, among other tech domains, Accentiko’s team can offer management of any mobile or web software.


Regardless of the chosen app type – native, hybrid, or cross-platform – mobile development is a multi-stage process that can take from a few months to several years. Everything depends on the project, the client’s demands, and the development steps we must take. Accentikorelies on its expertise and considerable experience to smoothly guide and support our customers during a project. Here is what our custom mobile app development cycle looks like: First, we design a prototype of the future digital product to get the client’s approval before the start of app development. Once the app is ready, Accentiko delivers it for testing to detect bugs and prepare the software for publication in app store services. After publishing the application for public display, Accentiko can provide continuous maintenance and develop additional functionality if necessary. Accentiko offers the following mobile app development services:


  • These are the mobile applications Accentiko recommends in most cases. Building two equivalent mobile apps for Android and IOS improves the performance of the mobile solution, makes it more reliable, and allows supporting complex features like Bluetooth or GPS. In addition, native apps are less prone to bugs and ensure smoother API integration. They significantly outperform cross-platform and hybrid mobile apps in the long run. To design native Android platform apps, Accentiko offers Kotlin and Java. For iOS application development applicable to digital products used on an iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices, we use Swift and Objective-C.

  • Such an app is less costly than a native Android or iOS app and is relatively easy to deploy to either platform. A cross-platform app might be the right option if your company needs to reduce time-to-market or use ready-made simplified solutions. However, if you need to design a stable and scalable solution with broad functionality, cross-platform development won’t work. Thanks to separate SDKs and APIs, native Android and iOS solutions are the best for developing custom elements and dedicated functionality. Our cross-platform applications are mainly based on React Native or Xamarin mobile application platforms.

  • Aiming to provide a complete range of custom application development services, Accentiko offers hybrid app solutions. This option is suitable for customers without enough budget to hire both Android and iOS developers. Despite a common misconception, this type of app development often takes as much time as native apps and requires careful management. Hybrid apps are losing popularity and are rarely recommended by mobile app development services. Our team offers Apache Cordova or Ionic mobile frameworks if a customer decides on hybrid app development.

A personal approach to every case allows Accentiko to offer the most relevant app development services and ensure customer success. The chosen application type and design usually depend on numerous factors, including an industry, assets, functionality, and development tools. Without professional custom development support, it may be difficult to understand what software your company needs and define its requirements and technological stack. Kotlin, Java, React Native, Xamarin and other technologies used for mobile app development may confuse an inexperienced business or enterprise owner. Especially when designing an app with optimum budget, efficiency, and performance is necessary. A dedicated tech team can become the wisest investment.

Mobile application outsourcing will help your company design an app that effectively solves your business goals. There are several types of mobile applications commonly used for various purposes. Accentiko’s mobile app development team skillfully handles them, implementing advanced industry practices.



Our web app development team offers progressive web apps and multi-tenant SaaS apps based on modern frameworks, including React, RoR, Angular, and ASP.NET MVC. All the developed solutions are mobile responsive, intuitive, and backward/forward compatible.


We have provided web app development services for the healthcare industry, finances, e-commerce, real estate, and other domains. Accentiko ’s team knows how to create profitable solutions that can easily fit your market niche. Our business analysts will ensure your idea can become a successful web application.


Our web application development process relies on the latest HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ECMAScript 2017) and HTTP standards. This helps us continuously support the quality of software development services and remain a reliable tech partner for our clients.


Accentiko ’s web applications have a high level of security for stable operation in a risky online environment. We protect our systems and products from the most common malicious attacks, including cross-site request forgery and cross-site scripting.


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