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After the product release, start application maintenance and support to optimize your app solution, reduce the risk of crashes, increase data security, and more.




Many enterprise or business owners believe the software development process has finished once an application or website is released. Mobile and desktop solutions require continuous testing, maintenance, and support for reliable and stable performance. The released web or mobile application is only to some extent a finished product since it requires regular content and software updates, implementation of new features, and bug-fixing. The app market is so fast paced that without the agile adaptation to its innovations, you will very soon start trailing behind your competitors. Application maintenance helps to stay in the game and ensure the uninterrupted functionality of your mobile solution on any device.

Having delivered over 150+ web and mobile apps, Accentiko covers the full application development cycle, maintenance, and support. We provide maintenance and support services to the applications Accentiko has developed from scratch and third-party legacy products. Accentiko’s team relies on its considerable experience in Kotlin, Java, Swift, Objective-C, React Native, Xamarin, Ionic, and other app-related technologies to support native IOS and Android, hybrid, and cross-platform applications. We also offer development, testing, and support for web applications, including progressive web apps.



Accentiko’s team can update the content of an existing application, develop custom app features, and optimize its performance. Our software development engineers process user feedback and analytics data for the highest app quality. Accentiko can also help if your application isn’t working on the latest mobile devices taking immediate action to upgrade it.


For those who struggle to identify what spoils their app performance and makes users uninstall the application, Accentiko can conduct diagnostics, testing, and troubleshooting. We perform the root-cause analysis to fix the problem on a deep level and minimize the risk of similar occurrences. Our tried and tested methodology suits native IOS and Android apps, cross-platform and hybrid applications.


Many of the applications which Accentiko currently supports have been designed from scratch by our development team. Satisfied with the application requirements discovery, development, testing, and deployment stages, our clients continue to entrust us with the maintenance of their apps. However, we also have multiple projects where clients have contacted us requesting to optimize, upgrade, or improve an existing third-party application. Our developers also work the legacy solutions and have the relevant experience to maintain and fine-tune them. Generally, the application support and maintenance services provided by Accentiko fall into these categories:

This service Accentiko provides to customers that need to migrate a legacy application to another environment. The migration process is impossible without experienced professional support since applications are usually designed for specific platforms and have limited portability. Original and target environments always differ. Accentiko’s software engineers can recommend an optimal migration strategy and perform the migration.


If your enterprise runs an app but doesn’t know how to maintain and support it cost-efficiently, Accentiko’s team can define the most effective approach for your case. We can also review the existing code and conduct business analysis to provide a more detailed maintenance strategy based on long-term prospects.



  • Application support and maintenance include preventative measures to avoid crashing, freezing, and other technical problems. Software development engineers regularly receive user feedback and can promptly implement the changes. Besides, they can prioritize the requested modifications focusing on the most critical ones. Continuous application support and testing allows eliminating clone or dead code and keeps the application compatible with updated operational systems. This ensures the uninterrupted performance of the application and reduces the risk of failure.

  • After any web or mobile application is released, additional user feedback is inevitable. Be ready that your newly acquired clients will point to all unapparent flaws in the performance, interface, design, and functionality. Professional app maintenance and testing will help you process the reviews and define which must be considered. Because of the minor development and design changes, the UX of the application may considerably improve.

  • Optimization is one of the key components of post-release support. Developers will update the web or mobile application to make it faster, more convenient, and lightweight. Remember that users prefer responsive apps with low battery usage and intuitive design. Besides, by simplifying the system, your company will reduce software maintenance expenditures.

  • An experienced support and maintenance team will immediately manage all database and system error messages, fixing any problem. This will help you prevent data breaches and strengthen the application's security level. Continuous application support is crucial for the applications that process personal user data, including apps related to finances, healthcare, ecommerce, and other relevant industries.

  • Since developing a unique mobile solution is very difficult, your business will have to compete. Application support and maintenance allow you to quickly implement new features, update content, and fix bugs to meet the highest market standards. Modern users seek seamless applications and don’t forgive technical glitches, outdated solutions, and other post-development flaws.

You may have noticed that the leading application providers constantly send update requests to your mobile device. This means that they care about the quality and stability of the provided services and want to continue improving them. If you have finished software development and released a web or mobile application, this is the practice to borrow. Application support and maintenance is sure to increase customer retention with constant content updates, improved user experience, and enhanced security. Professional software development engineers will continue monitoring your app performance taking remedial actions to avoid technical glitches and crashes. The engaged developers will know your application in and out and promptly implement additional custom features if necessary. With Accentiko’s application support and maintenance services, your company gains these advantages:



Accentiko’s team has delivered high-performance web and mobile apps for various industries, including healthcare, ecommerce, retail, fitness, and others. We are web and mobile application development, testing, and maintenance experts. Our software engineers know all the pitfalls awaiting you after the app release and know how to prevent and eliminate them.


We cover all phases of the software development cycle, from requirements discovery to testing and post-release maintenance. Accentiko’s application maintenance services suit apps created by our developers and third-party products. Receiving an application maintenance request, our specialists promptly diagnose the problems and prioritize the customized troubleshooting steps. This helps us align application performance and functionality with the exact business needs of our clients.


Accentiko specializes in web and mobile app development and hires experts with Kotlin, Java, Swift, Objective-C, React Native, Xamarin, Ionic, and Apache Cordova expertise. They use leading technologies to design native IOS/Android apps with broad functionality and PWA products.


Accentiko follows Human Interface Guidelines and IOS, material design, and web material design guidelines to create convenient and popular applications. We rely on this knowledge to upgrade existing apps during the maintenance and support stage. Accentiko’s team knows how to convert user feedback into new powerful features that improve app performance and usability.


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