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At Accentiko, we believe that flexibility and the readiness to develop custom solution is key to designing successful software.  Regardless of the cooperation model chosen, our team always starts the software development process with requirements gathering. 
Our team of experts evaluates the scope of a project, the necessary time and resources to advise on the most effective development approach,  project stages, and team composition. With time, our team refined three core working models that cover any software development requests:


This cooperation model is based on full-time team involvement. A dedicated team may include Developers, Architects, DevOps Engineers,  UI/UX designers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Quality Control experts, and other specialists as required.  With large pool of strong software engineers, Accentiko is proud of its technical experts that can match any project needs. This model is most suitable to extend your tech department with the necessary specialists or form a separate  full-fledged team for projects with 12+ month duration.


T&M cooperation is a perfect option if your organization lacks specific expertise in any tech-related field or wants to transfer a part of development responsibilities. Usually, it happens when your company faces a tech problem that cannot be solved by the internal team due to a lack of resources or expertise. Most often, these issues are related to Software Architecture, DevOps, UI/UX, innovative technologies, quality assurance, business analysis, and embedded software development. If this is your case, don’t wait to contact Accentiko for consulting or development support. We will offer you an expert  with the relevant experience to satisfy your needs on a part-time basis.


With clear requirements and detailed project scope & specification, Accentiko can offer your organization a fixed price contract.  This cooperation model is mostly used for simple and short-term projects where everything, including the UI/UX design, has been already finalized, and there’ll be no changes or new features requested in the scope of development.  Contact us for your project cost and duration estimate with your specifications attached.

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